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Why take risk the safety of your masonry projects with substandard anchors when you have access to reasonably priced, premium quality products at Fasteners Plus? We supply nearly 20 different varieties of anchors to enterprises in the US and abroad, in a variety of lengths and dimensions.

Fasteners Plus’s offers an extensive variety of bolts in materials such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and alloys. We can suggest the right type of bolt for you depending on factors such as temperature, pressure, corrosion, and other elements involved in your application.

High-quality fasteners carry special importance in the construction and maintenance industry. From a small tree house to a multi-million square foot warehouse, there are hundreds of different types of fasteners in demand.

Fasteners Plus has a large network of partners that specialize in producing custom parts in small and large volumes. The state-of-the-art equipment allows the manufacturing of parts to exacting specifications using a myriad of materials.

We have partners that can manufacture your custom part using Cold headed forming, Screw machining, Stamping, and Product Portfolio.

When you need fail safe fastening performance in the most demanding, high-vibration applications, trust Hardlock Nuts to meet or exceed your expectations. Fasteners Plus is an authorized distributor of the entire range of Hardlock Nuts.

The metric fasteners we carry are available in a range of materials such as steel, stainless steel, zinc and brass. 

We offer an entire range of nuts to suit your small, medium and heavy duty fastening applications including hex nuts, square machine screw nuts, regular square nuts, nylon insert stop nuts, two-way reversible nuts, and both serrated and non-serrated flange nuts.v

Fasteners Plus offers and wide variety of retaining rings as well as pins. While retaining rings are used for holding together various components on a shaft or in a bore, pins are fasteners that can be bent to keep other fasteners (such as rods) in place. These pins are also referred to as ‘split pins’ or ‘cotter pins’ (in the UK). We offer pins and retaining rings in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and configurations.

When you need a reliable, permanent fastening component, Fasteners Plus recommends the use of rivets. We offer several different varieties of these permanent fasteners that demonstrate excellent reliability and durability. They can be installed via welding, riveting machines or manually using a hammer, bucking bar or other tools.

Fasteners Plus is the leading source of screws in a myriad of configurations and dimensions. We directly source our entire screw fasteners range from leading manufacturers to pass on the twin benefits of price and quality to our customers.

Precision Screw Machined Products at Fasteners Plus is a leading provider of precision screw machined products manufactured to your exacting specifications, tolerances and prints. We can offer parts and components ranging from .008″ through 10″ diameter in your choice of material and shape.

Fasteners Plus offers an extensive range of washers in both standard and metric configurations. Our range of fasteners is widely used in the marine, construction, automobile, military, and repairs and maintenance sectors.