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Pick And Pack Program

Pick & Pack Program

What is a Pick & Pack Program?

When a customer has a fastener that they use on a regular basis and the need to reorder them often, we can stock the item on the shelf so that there is always their order available for same or next day shipping. This, of course, eliminates the extended down time of waiting for the items to be restocked and then repacked to the order amount needed. This also avoids a larger amount ordered at one time for the customer and then having to stock it themselves until they run out.


Customer A uses 4,000 hex head cap screws every month. They have two options.  The first is to place an order monthly for the 4,000 pieces and waiting the time for it to come in and pay a high price per piece for the smaller order. The second is to place an order for three or four months to get the price break and inventory the remaining amount themselves.

However, by utilizing the pick & pack program, they are now able to order their 4,000 pieces monthly as needed at the lower price break and have them on hand and ready to ship the same or next day directly to them. We store the remainder for them and prepacks the product ahead of time to ensure quick shipping.

Can I have a Pick & Pack Program?

Ask yourself the following questions:


*Do I have a part that I order with similar quantities on a regular basis?

*Would it be easier to send a purchase order for the amount I need every time I need to restock and save money at the same time?


If those answers are yes, you would benefit greatly by setting up a pick & pack program with us.

How do I get started with my program?

Make a list of the products you are purchasing and needing on a regular basis and figure the quantities you would be needing and the frequencies they are needed. Give us a call or email with the information. We will take a look and get a program set up that benefits you greatly!

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