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A washer is an effective component that can be used in conjunction with fastening components to distribute the load of screw or nut fasteners. It also serves other purposes such as controlling vibration, enhancing the locking properties of fasteners, and preventing wear. In many instances, these components also act as a barrier between two dissimilar metals, thus preventing galvanic corrosion.


Fasteners Plus offers an extensive range of washers in both standard and metric configurations. Our range of fasteners is widely used in the marine, construction, automobile, military, and repairs and maintenance sectors.


Selecting the right type of gaskets and washers is integral to the safety of your applications, especially if it involves high pressures. You can rely on the experts at Fasteners Plus to help you choose the highest performing yet most cost-effective product for your application.


Overview of Washers at Fasteners Plus

Get in touch with us today for washer varieties such as: beveled, external tooth lock, internal tooth lock, external-internal combination lock, dock, split lock washer, lock washer, machine screw, fender, flat SAE, countersunk finishing, Flat USS, and countersunk external tooth.


If you have unique requirements pertaining to the type of washer that you wish to procure, please discuss your requirements with us. Our long-standing relationships with fastener manufacturers in the US and abroad help us procure just the type of washers that you need.


External Tooth Lock Washer
Internal Tooth Lock Washer
Ext-Int Tooth Lock Washer
Split Lock Washer
Machine Screw
Flat SAE
Countersunk Finishing
Flat USS
Countersunk External Tooth

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