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Construction Fasteners

Fasteners Plus started in 1995 as a fastener distributor with a special focus on construction fasteners before diversifying into other fastening products. High-quality fasteners carry special importance in the construction and maintenance industry. From a small tree house to a multi-million square foot warehouse, there are hundreds of different types of fasteners in demand.

We sell fasteners that are compatible with metal, wood, and other modern construction materials. If you are looking at enhancing the structural integrity of your buildings and reduce installation costs at the same time, look no further than Fasteners Plus. From fasteners for roofing projects to construction projects to maintenance contracts, we have you covered.

Fasteners Plus works on a unique procurement model wherein we source directly from leading manufacturers to keep a rich inventory of popular fasteners, and a minimum inventory of fasteners that are ordered less frequently. We procure standard and metric fasteners that are tested for strength and dimensions.

Why Choose Fasteners Plus?

Fasteners Plus holds a rich inventory of a variety of fasteners that are used in the construction industry. These include: anchors, bolts, coupling nuts, carriage bolts, flange nuts, square nuts and washers, threaded rods, and a lot more in a variety of size and metal options.

We customarily work with both public and private contractors on a short- and long-term basis. Whether it is a one-time procurement or an ongoing program, we can work on fastener supply solution tailored to your project. We deliver fasteners to locations across continental US. At Fasteners Plus, you can experience unmatched cost savings on large volume orders.

Our solid relationships with product manufacturers ensure that you are never far away from your desired fastener type in any quantity. To learn more about how we can help, please speak with a Fasteners Plus representative today.

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