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Wood Screws

Flat Philips
Oval Philips
Round Philips
Flat Slotted
Oval Slotted
Round Slotted

Wood screws, as the name indicates, are primarily used for fastening wood work pieces. These screws are extensively used in the woodworking, furniture manufacture, construction, and repair and maintenance sectors. Fasteners Plus is the preferred distributor for woodworking screws in a variety of materials drive types, and threads.


These screws are used for attaching two wooden parts together. They can also be used on wooden flooring and walls. The screw is in various configurations such as flat, pan, or oval. We have thousands of such screws to offer, ready to be dispatched to your site or facility in short turnaround times.

Attributes of a wood screw

This particular threaded fastener is characterized by its long tapered shank that ends in a pointed tip. The head could be either slotted or recessed. The threading on the screw is also sharp and bears a coarse pitch for easy insertion to a wooden surface.


Oftentimes, the wood screw would have a shank that is partially unthreaded (starting from the underside of the screw head).


These screws form their own mating as they are drilled into a wooden surface. This ensures an extremely tight fit and an almost negligible chance of the screw backing out.


Fasteners Plus offers wood screws such as: flat Phillips, oval Phillips, round Phillips, flat slotted, oval slotted, and round slotted.

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