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Thread Rolling Screws

Flat Philips Taptite II
Pan Torx
Pan Philips Taptite II
Indented Hex Washer Unslotted
Washer Unslotted Taptite II
Indented Hex Washer Slotted
Truss Philips

In contrast to other screws that feature a round cross section, a thread rolling screw has a lobed cross section. Such screws do not cut threads into the mating surface. Instead, they form threads during installation with the mating surface. Such screws are typically used in metal holes for a secure fastening action.


When enterprises worldwide need to source high-quality thread rolling screws, they look towards Fasteners Plus. Such screws are widely used in heavy machinery and industrial machinery as they are not easily susceptible to loosening or backing out when exposed to vibration.


Thread rolling screws are also considered to be an energy-saving component because they need low torque to be screwed into the mating surface. Often, it is the nature of your application that will determine the most appropriate lobe configuration of the screw you choose.

Fasteners Plus Inc Carries the Following Thread Rolling Screws

We can meet your requirement for a variety of screws such as flat Phillips Taptite II, pan Phillips Taptite II, washer un-slotted Taptite II, Truss Phillips, Pan Torx, Indented Hex Washer Un-Slotted, Indented Hex Washer Slotted, and more.

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