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Thread Cutting Screws

Thread cutting screws fall under the category of tapping screws. These screws are different from a thread forming screw in that the thread cutting screw actually cuts material as it is drilled into a hole. It doesn’t stress a hole as a thread forming screw does. It is ideally suited for fastening applications that need excessive torque to drive screw.

Fasteners Plus offers a wide variety of thread cutting screws that can be used as fasteners for metals such as aluminum, zinc, bronze, and other alloys.

Uses and Material Compatibility of Thread Cutting Screws

We recommend the use of thread cutting screws in the following scenarios:

-Where assembly and disassembly of the fastened part is needed, self-tapping screws a better option

-When two dissimilar materials need to be fastened

-When excessive torque for driving a screw is required


We offer a large variety of thread cutting screws in a myriad of sizes and materials. With hundreds of different varieties of fasteners available to you under one roof, you don’t have to go anywhere else. We also undertake orders for custom manufactured screw machined parts, cold headed parts, and stampings.


Such screws can be used with metals and alloys of various thicknesses. Some other materials that are compatible with these screws include: plastics, impregnated plywood, and more. Please discuss your application with us to help us suggest the optimal screw type for your application.

At Fasteners Plus, each fastener that we sell is tested for quality, reliability and corrosion resistance.

Types of Thread Cutting Screws Available at Fasteners Plus

Flat Philips "F"
Pan Philips "25"
Hex Wash Unslot "1"
Pan Philips "F"
Flat Philips "1"
Flat Philips "23"
Pan Slotted "F"
Pan Slotted "25"
Pan Philips "23"
Truss Philips "F"
Pan Slotted "1"
Pan Slotted "23"
Hex Washer Slotted "23"
Indent Hex Unslotted "F"
Indent Hex Wash Unslotted "25"

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