Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws, as the name indicates, are used as fasteners for metal sheets. Such screws are threaded all the way from the underside of the screw head to their tip.

They also feature a sharp pointed tip for quick and efficient insertion into the sheet metal. However, some other sheet metal screw varieties have a self-drilling point instead of a sharp, tapered end. The full-threaded shank gives them better fastening capabilities even in critical fastening applications.

If you need fasteners for materials other than metal, please discuss your requirement with us.

Sheet Metal Screws for Advanced Metalwork Projects

Fasteners Plus offers a comprehensive inventory of various categories of sheet metal fasteners and screws. The more complex your project, the more apparent the capabilities of our fasteners become.

We procure fasteners from leading manufacturers to ensure that our customers get access to nothing short of the best quality at competitive prices. Sheet metal screws are widely used in industries such as HVAC, construction, and maintenance projects.

You can trust our experienced representatives to help you find the most suitable variety of sheet metal fasteners for your application. From popular to hard-to-find products, finding the exact product you need is never an issue at Fasteners Plus.

When we say that we are your “complete source for sheet metal screws”, we mean it.

Choose from an Extensive Inventory of Sheet Metal Screws

Flat Phillips Screws, Type A/Ab Flat Phillips Screws, Type B Indented Hex Screws, Slotted Indented Hex Screws, Unslotted Screws, Round Phillips Screws, Oval Phillips Screws, Pan Phillips Screws, Flat 82° Phillips Screws, Pan Slotted Type A/Ab Screws, Pan Slotted Type B Screws, Flat Slotted Screws, Round Slotted Screws.

Fasteners Plus also provides tapping screws which are normal sheet metal screws with a fairly sharp point. Consult with our representatives to order your supply of Flat Phillips Screws, Type A/Ab Flat Phillips Screws, Type B Indented Hex Screws, Slotted Indented Hex Screws, Threaded Cutting Screws like Type-1, Type-23, Type-25, Type-F, and many more.

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