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Pan Philips Split Lockwasher
Pan Slotted with Ext Lockwasher
Pan Philips with Ext Lockwasher
Pan Slotted with Int Lockwasher
Pan Philips with Int Lockwasher
External Hex Wash Slotted
Pan Philips Square Cone
External Hex Wash Unslotted

High-Quality Sems Screws at Fasteners Plus

Sems screws can be easily identified by their free spinning lock washer that is pre-assembled with the screw. The washer is assembled to the screw before the threading is cut. A screw and washer are two different components that are typically purchased separately. However, with a sems screw, these two components are available as one single product, helping enterprises save both time and money on their fastening applications.

Most enterprises prefer these screw types because it helps them save efforts on sourcing and assembling these two components separately. Thus, process and assembly efficiencies are a given with this permanent assembly of a screw and a washer.

Sourcing Sems Screws from Fasteners Plus

Procuring high quality screws from Fasteners Plus is exceedingly easy and convenient. Simply give us a call and let our expert salespersons guide you in making the right choice. We possess a rich and varied experience in dealing with national and international customers, and their specific fastener requirements.

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