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Self Drilling Screws

Fasteners Plus is leading distributor of self-drilling screws. The operation of these screws is comparable to drilling bits or other similar cutting tools. Such screws remove the material of the surface they are being drilling into and form a mating part. These screws are suitable for use with a myriad of work materials. They are preferred because they do not back out easily and can remain firmly in place for several years after they have been installed.


At Fasteners Plus, we have emerged as the preferred source for self-drilling screws because we stock only the finest quality at highly competitive rates. This ensures that our customers get maximum value for their dollars.

Helping You Choose the Right Self-Drilling Screws

When you are selecting self-drilling screws, remember to discuss the type of material and its thickness with us. This will enable us to suggest the most optimal product for your requirement.


Other important aspects of the self-drilling screws would be their length, the sharpness of their threads, the point length, and the drill flute.


We offer various types of self-drilling type screws. These include: flat Phillips, Phillips bugle head, pan head, oval Phillips, Phillips pan head framer, Phillips trim head, Phillips modified truss head, and hex washer head.

Flat Philips
Philips Pan Head Framer
Philips Bugle Head
Philips Trim Head
Pan Head
Philips Modified Truss Head
Oval Philips
Hex Washer Head

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