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Brass Machine Screws

Machine screws are the preferred tightening and fastening components for their ease of use and tightening properties. These screws are widely used for securing various components of a machine and thus safeguarding it from damage or inadvertent loosening. Such screws can be directly driven into a hole or used in conjunction with a nut.


Fasteners Plus offers a variety of stainless steel, aluminum, steel zinc plated, and brass machine screws. We provide you with the right screw type for every application. Choose from a variety of driver head types such as Philips, Slotted, Hex Washer, and more. Speak with us for both standard as well as metric sizes.

Brass Machine Screws for Durable Fastening

Brass machine screws are preferred for their strength and non-corrosive properties. We provide brass machine screws for a variety of applications such as fastening machine parts, electronic components, home and office appliances, and other equipment.


Every consignment of brass machine screws that leaves our facility is checked for thread uniformity, code compliance, and defects.


Fasteners Plus gives you instant access to the widest variety of screws. We also offer a wide selection of Phillips pan head, Phillips round head, Phillips flat head, Slotted pan head, slotted round head, oval head binder head, binder undercut Phillips, Phillips flat head undercut, hex machine screws, Hex washer head machine screws, SEMS Machine screws, machine screw nuts, and more. Need a specific item not listed? Our partners can make it for you, just tell us.

Flat Slotted Undercut
Binding Undercut Slotted
Flat Philips Undercut
Flat Philips 100
Fillister Philips
Oval Philips
Flat Philips
Oval Slotted
Indent Hex Slotted
Pan Philips
Pan Torx Drive
Pan Slotted
Indent Hex Unslotted
Truss Philips
Flat Slotted
Round Slotted
Indent Hex Washer Slotted
Pan Combination
Fillister Slotted
Truss Slotted
Indent Hex Washer Unslotted

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